MOD (svps_headmaster) wrote in svps_ooc,

Ok my little people tis the time to reveil our(Kate and I's) plot!

*drum roll*

Are cute cuddly little charries are going to war! *Nods* Yes that is right to war!

Here is what is going down. There has been a world war going on all over the world and it has finally reached SVPS.

More info on the world: Mostly all the countries are in on the war with England, USA and China being the top three forces. The students of SVPS have been shelter from the war since most of their families have money to keep them out.

But not anymore.

The school will be raided the night of the dance for promising soldiers by England. The mad doctors who are the teachers at the school caught wind of this a head of time and picked a few students who they think would make a difference and fled with them. The doctors are not with any country and only want the war to stop.

After the raid the game will skip a year giving the student lots of time to train and start their missions from doctors or whatever countries they sided with. During the year most of the students will be separated so they are not likely to see each other until their missions actually start.

Now I need help from everyone. I want two summaries for each character. One will be about what happen leading up to the dance and what happening during the raid. After that is done the second summary will be what your character did during the one year skip. Pretty much anything could happen here.

For example:

Noin's first summary: With Noin nursing a shot wound to the shoulder the police couldn't keep her in a jail cell at the station. But not wanting another escape like Solo did they didn't send her to the near by hospital. So Noin sat in one of the holding cells recovering and waiting for something to happen.

The night of the raid Noin wasn't picked by one of the mad doctors so she was taken by England as a promising soldier when her wound had healed.

Duo's first summary: Duo was kept in his room under the care of Heero. Aiden and Heero had trick him in staying in the room as they plotted Relena's death.

The night of the raid Duo didn't care about the dance so he didn't go. Doctor J and Professor G came for Heero and Duo at the same time. Professor G had to knock Duo out to make the boy come since Duo only wanted to kill Relena.

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